Ape 50 2015 "Limited Speed Edition" 25km/h version - Details?

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Ape 50 2015 "Limited Speed Edition" 25km/h version - Details?

Beitrag von cablecutter » Freitag 6. September 2019, 15:15

Hi All,

First, I apologize for writing in English - but you all have the best Ape 50 forum out there.

I have recently purchased an APE 50 2015:
  • It is the van model
  • It is branded as the "Limited Speed Edition"
  • It has 3 gears
It's been sitting in a garage for 3 years, and when I tested it out the engine sounded perfect but it had a lot of trouble on hills (even in 1st gear). It would just lose power. I understand that the carbeurator may need to be cleaned, but I also wanted to learn more about this specific model.

What modifications does the 2015 "Limited speed edition" have?
  • Gear box? (yes - is the gear just missing or is it blocked somehow?)
  • Carburator?
  • Exhaust?
Much thanks for any help!